Engine Mount up to 125kg Shore 75 Holes distance 100 M16


Warranty: 2 Years

Engine mount for optimum damping of medium-sized engines.
Maximum load per mount 125 kg.
Rubber hardness 75 shore.


A Length: 120 mm
B Height: 34 mm
C Width: 60 mm
D Distance holes: 100 mm

Product ID: 71496


This type of engine mount is a compact vibration absorber, it is easy to mount and offers high vibration isolation.
The internal buffer of this unique vibration damper ensures that the movement of the motor is limited in three directions.

This engine mount is specially designed for marine engines with high-frequency power, such as engines with 4 or more cylinders. They are available in five sizes and in various rubber hardnesses.
Versions with height adjustment (pin) are of course also available.

Due to the composition of this vibration damper, the high frequency of the 4 cylinders is reduced very well. It therefore provides the perfect buffer between the engine and the engine base.
Annoying vibrations are thus greatly reduced and brought down to a comfortable level when sailing.

These engine mounts are very suitable for maritime applications such as for propulsion or for the generator set.
The height is adjustable by means of a pin. In addition, you can choose between pin size M12 or pin size M16, which can also be ordered separately.

The right engine mount:
Determining the right engine mount or vibration damper is a science in itself.

If the data of your old engine mounts corresponds to this engine mount, and you are satisfied with the damping they provide, then you can easily select and order these engine mounts.
If you do not have this information, we strongly recommend that you seek advice before ordering new engine mounts. This avoids disappointment and additional shipping costs.

Data required for the correct engine mounts:
The brand and type:
Weight of the engine:
Maximum number of revolutions:
Is a thrust bearing fitted:
The power of the engine:

For questions about this product, its parts or its type or application, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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