Impeller pump overhaul kit (small) 0143 CT0440


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Warranty: 2 Years

Small service kit 0143 contains:
CAMSET0039 (Cam set) 1x
BOL0080 (screws cover) 4x
7400-01 (Flexible self-lubricating impeller) 1x
COV0047 (Cover) 1x
ORG0067 (O-ring cover) 1x
ORG0044 (sealing ring (crank)) 1x
ORG0057 (O-ring, mounting) 1x
SNP0006 (snap ring, small) 1x
SPC0019 (Spacer) 1x
WER0029 (Wear plate) 1x
MCSSET0008 (Mechanical sealing kit) 1x

MCSSET0008 can only be used to service JMP Marine pump JPR-CT0440.
If you use kit JSK0143 or JSM0143 to service an OEM pump, you MUST use the original CAT mechanical shaft seal p/n 4204328 instead of MCSSET0008.
Why? JMP Marine Seal is thicker than OEM Seal.

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This impeller pump overhaul kit (small) 0143 CT0440 can be used to overhaul the cooling water pump for Caterpillar Marine.

Applied to the following Caterpillar marine engines model(s): C1.5, C2.2, C4.4
Applied to the following Perkins engine model: M92B

To be used in the following OEM pumps:
Caterpillar marine p/n: 4255412, 425-5412,
Jabsco p/n: 29630-1201
Perkins p/n: W100006

This impeller pump overhaul kit (small) 0143 CT0440 can be used to service both JMP Marine and OEM Caterpillar Marine impeller pumps, for your engine cooling. Except for one part, the mechanical seal, it is too thick in the set offered here. Use the original CAT mechanical shaft seal p/n 4204328 for this purpose.

JMP Marine uses materials of the highest quality in the production of all their parts and components, which ensures the longest-lasting performance product for the customer.

JMP Marine Cooling water pump:
CT0440 Replacing Caterpillar pump P/N: 4255412, 425-5412
CT0440 Replacing Jabsco pump p/n: 29630-1201
CT0440 Replacing Jabsco pump P/N: 29630-1101 (see Note)

Check whether the drive sprocket of your pump gear has the same number of teeth, namely 33, which corresponds to CT0440
CT0440 good for motorcycle models: C4.4

For questions about this product, its parts or its type or application, please contact us.


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