Impeller pump overhaul kit (small) 0183


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Warranty: 2 Years

Kit contains:
JIKJMP003 7001K (Self-lubricating impeller) 1x
RET0061 (Rubber seal) 1X
CAMSET0051 (Displacement cam) 1X
GAK0016 (Cover gasket) 1 x
COV0077 (Cover) 1X
BOL0144 (Cover screws, hexagonal) 6X
WER0001 (Wear plate) 1x

Yanmar OEM pump part numbers:
X0142398000, X0142398000, 128397-42200, 124070-42400

Product ID: 124604


Impeller pump pump overhaul kit (small) 0183 can be used for the overhaul or maintenance and repair of JMP Yanmar Marine cooling water impeller pumps.

Yanmar OEM pump p/n(s):
728270-42002, 12870-42002, 128270-42001, 128270-42000
728270-42002 replaced 128270-42002 and 128270-42002 replaced 128270-42001, 128270-42000

Mounted on the following Yanmar Marine engines:
2GM20, 2GM20VE, 2GM20B, 2GM20C, 2GML, 3GMD, 3GMLE, 3GM30, 3GM30VE, 3GM30B,

This impeller pump overhaul kit (small) 0183 can be used for service maintenance of JMP impeller pumps.
Note: Not all parts of this overhaul kit are suitable for pumps other than from JMP (JPR-YM07IP)

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