Instant Gasket Black 200ml Liquid gasket replacement

21,95 incl. BTW

Warranty: 2 Years

Professional gasket replacement

Ideal for making replacement gaskets or to be secure when sealing the current gasket.

Can be used in oil, grease and diesel filled systems. Suitable up to 230℃

  • Inlet manifold
  • Crankcase cover
  • Valve cover
  • Fuel pump seal
  • Crankshaft cover
  • Cooling systems
  • Water pump
  • Rubber seal
  • O-ring seal

* do not use in exhaust systems
* do not use as head gasket

Handy gasket set, always the right gasket available! Use this set!

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Liquid gasket. Intended for engines with oxygen sensors. Ideal for creating replacement
gaskets for valve cover, transmission, oil sumps, water pumps, thermostat housing, axle housing, exhaust manifold and many other applications.

Resistant against transmission fluids, water, oil and antifreeze. Replaces cork,
felt, paper and rubber gaskets. The new Power Can kit allows for regulation of
the effluent sealant for a professional finish. Resistant to fuel. Suitable up to


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