Max Prop – 3 holes propeller anode Ø72 Zinc


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Warranty: 2 Years

Where it is installed: prop hub Ø70mm

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Max Prop 3-hole propeller anode Ø72 Zinc, applied to Maxprop’s three-blade vane propeller.

There are many different types of anode available for Maxprop vane position blades.
The completely round anodes in aluminium, zinc or magnesium are for the two-blade propellers, the triangle-like shapes for the three-blade propeller type.
The differences are the number of screw holes, the shape and the diameter measured through the centre.
In addition, the metal they are cast from is different.

Choice of material:
Aluminium in fresh water
Zinc in salt water

When to use magnesium:
Magnesium is used on ships where aluminium parts need to be protected and where the ship is not in salt water for long periods of time.
When the ship lies in salt water for a long time, it is better to use aluminium.

The aluminium your vessel or tailpiece is made of is of a higher-grade aluminium alloy (AW 5754), it is harder.
The aluminium anode is usually AW 1050A, pure and alloyless.
This is easily deformed and thus less base, so it will sacrifice itself compared to your aluminium vessel or tailpiece.

Magnesium is a very base metal and has the property of sacrificing itself very quickly. Especially in salt water where the electrolytic differences are large, this goes fast.

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