Mini relay 12V 40A double make 30, 85, 86, 87, 87


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Warranty: 2 Years

Physical specifications
Terminals: 5
Diagram no.: 1 R265
Bracket: With
Electrical specifications
Voltage: 12
Amp: 30

15423119 Mercedes Benz
332001012 Bosch
332001013 Bosch
332014108 Bosch
332014111 Bosch
332014125 Bosch
332014126 Bosch
332014138 Bosch
332014139 Bosch
0986AH0605 Bosch
111963141C Volkswagen
1,16007E+11 Alfa Romeo
1,16007E+11 Alfa Romeo
1164015 KHD
1164015 Iveco
1279539 DAF
1574754 Ford
1778563 DAF
20207100 Wehrle
210202008 Scania
261062 DAF
311906061C Volkswagen
3539335M92 Fendt
3906604M1 Fendt
4323132 KHD
4339371 Fiat
4339371 Alfa Romeo
4339371 Iveco
530623 Alfa Romeo
5414209 Peugeot
5516038407 Renault
7700709633 Renault MAN MAN
83917535 Ford
90272382 Opel
A0015423119 Mercedes Benz
D7NN14N089A Ford
RLP512 Mahle

The electrical switching and operating relays are common parts in electrical motor and installation systems. Electrical relays are used to switch large or different currents on or off via a relatively small current, often as a multiple of the control current. This is to eliminate heavy cables and to avoid unnecessary strain on contacts. In fact, a small switch is used to switch on a larger one by means of a magnetic coil and a contact.

The contacts are made of copper or silver. Silver contacts are more suitable to handle high currents.

As a rule, the control voltage used to turn on the relay is mentioned first, e.g. 6v, 12v, or 24 volts. This is followed by the maximum current in amperes to turn on the relay.

A so-called mini relay can usually only switch on a maximum current without surges. As the names suggests, operating and high-power relays are more designed for heavier jobs, often indicated with a second maximum amperage (short/long). For example, by switching a motor on, a power surge will occur for a short period of time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions on the operation or the use of a relay.

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Product ID: 26728


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