ZIPWAKE Dynamic Trim Control System, 800-E series kit


Warranty: 2 Years


The world’s first low-cost dynamic trim control system contains state-of-the-art, durable and fast-acting interceptors.
The system is fully automatic. It significantly improves performance and fuel consumption. The increased comfort and safety on board is clearly noticeable when accelerating, turning and sailing at sea or in waves.

    • Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll.
    • Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel.
    • Provides built-in quality, simple installation and easy expansion, thus making the system affordable.
    • Easy to integrate into your existing navigation system via the NMEA 2000 network protocol.
    • The installation and configuration is explained step by step and can be installed by anyone.
    • Highly effective. Zipwake’s blade strok takes 1.5 seconds, outperforming conventional trim tabs by a factor of 5.
Zipwake’s interceptor blades extend only 30 mm (for the E series 60mm), trim tabs ca. 150 mm. As a result, the so-called drag is much less than with the commonly used trim tabs.


For motorboats from 30 to 60 feet, up to a maximum of 60 knots, the Series-S has been developed.
For motor vessels larger than 50 feet and up to 50 knots, the Series-E has been developed.


The Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System comes complete with everything you need, including all the necessary components and software for active motion control.
The system is expandable with various components, up to 3 pairs of straight interceptors or 2 pairs of straight and V-shaped interceptors, a GPS antenna, an extra flybridge panel, and your own navigation system through a NMEA200 connection and / or NMEA0183 / RS232 autobaud-rate sensing. Also the display has two USB ports (inbound/outbound).


Product ID: 59039


This kit includes:
1 x CP-S Control panel with 15m cable
1 x DU-S Distribution unit with 6m power cable.
2 x IT600-E Interceptor with 3m cable + covers
1 x Operating instructions
1 x Warranty card
1 x Installation manual
1 x Drilling template
Zipwake – Kit Box
A Zipwake Kit Box includes all parts needed to install a Dynamic Trim Control System with one pair of fast-acting interceptors.
There are four different Kit Boxes with straight interceptors available, and two different Kit Boxes with chine interceptors.
A Kit Box consists of the control panel, the distribution unit and the two interceptors.

The Kit Box number specifies the length of the interceptor:

  • Kit Box 600-E: 2 x 600 mm (straight) Kit Box Part No. 2012011
  • Kit Box 800-E: 2 x 800 mm (straight) Kit Box Part No. 2012012
  • Kit Box 1000-E: 2 x 1000 mm (straight) Kit Box Part No. 2012013

Kit Box 600-E: 2 x 600 mm (Chine) Kit Box Part No. 2012014

  • IT600-E CHINE PORT Kit Box Part No. 2012024
  • IT600-E CHINE STBD Kit Box Part No. 2012025