About us

About AB Marine service

We started our water sports services around 2005. After completing a training course and working as a mobile machinery technician, there weren’t many challenges we hadn’t encountered. When you work in a workshop but also on location, where not everything is always available, you automatically become creative and innovative in the technical field.

Why the switch?

You wouldn’t think that machinery and water sports had much to do with each other, would you? But that fact is that there is not much difference between what powers machinery and boats. Remember that a diesel engine in a boat often has the same basics. This switch gave me the opportunity to turn my hobby into my job. With a warehouse and workshop and a team of enthusiastic workers around us, we are now a supplier in the water sports area and are able to draw on extensive technical knowledge as well as being able to supply a wide range of replacement parts.

My mission?

Better called our mission. We would like to help everyone with his or her technical challenge. Because if you are a boat owner, you will often be faced with carrying out your technical maintenance. There is also nothing more enjoyable than being able to maintain your boat by yourself or when it’s winter. These days knowledge is for sharing. Keeping knowledge to yourself is lost knowledge. This is why we believe that everyone should be able to make use of our knowledge in order to realise their project!

If you have a technical question, feel free to ask us.