Homokinetic Drives

We provide a suitable set! Please specify when ordering: engine power and max. rpm, brand, gearbox reduction type, pitch circle and centering edge of the output flange and propeller shaft diameter and you get a complete set.

A complete drive set consists of: homokinetic drive shaft, thrust bearing with clamping bush, adapter and bolts, nuts and washers. Perfect for a vibration-free journey.


– Production of noise and vibrations up to 90% less

– Remarkable simplification of engine / gearbox installations

– Alignment procedure is very easy thanks to self-aligning propeller shaft clamping hub in thrust bearing

– Can accommodate alignment differences up to 2×8º

– Variable-length drive shaft with two homokinetic shafts that can rotate even with uneven angles

– Robust thrust bearing transfers the thrust of the propeller directly to the ship's hull via

damping plastic bushes and not on the engine. Allowing softer vibration dampers to be applied

to be applied

– Attachment of the cylindrical propeller shaft in the thrust bearing with a sturdy clamping bush

Max mounting angle depends on the propeller shaft speed:

– 8º angle per homokinetic shaft -> max 1200 rpm

– 6º angle per homokinetic shaft -> max 1500 rpm

– 5º angle per homokinetic shaft -> max 2000 rpm

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Showing all 6 results