Engine mount set Volvo Penta kad32


Warranty: 2 Years

Maximum load per mount 90 kg.
Rubber hardness 45 shore.
2x 10-MM-340-B-45

Adjustment pin M16

A Length: 120 mm
B Height: 34 mm
C Width: 60 mm
D Distance holes: 100 mm

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This is a compact vibration damper. They are easy-to-mount engine mounts and offer high vibration isolation.
The internal buffer of this unique vibration damper ensures that the movement of the motor is limited in three directions.

This type of engine mount for 4 cylinder engines is a compact vibration damper with a high damping capacity against large displacements.
Due to its construction and high damping capacity, this type of engine mount is very suitable for 4 cylinder diesel engines.
Engines with 4 cylinders have an equal distribution per cylinder for the power they deliver and are better balanced. As a result, vibrations are at a higher frequency and with a smaller displacement.

Thanks to the integrated swing limitation, shock movements of up to 5G can be reduced.
Annoying vibrations are thus greatly reduced and brought down to a comfortable level when sailing.

The height is adjustable by means of a standard M16 pin. Before ordering, check that this is also the right size for your engine.
If the hole size is different for your support legs/arms, you have the choice between pin sizes M16 or M18. These can be ordered separately, or if you tell us before ordering we will adjust it.

The right engine mount:
Determining the right engine mount or vibration damper is a science in itself.
If the data of your engine matches this engine mount set for the Volvo Penta kad32, you will be satisfied with the damping these engine mounts provide.
If the data of your engine corresponds to this engine mount set, the rest is an easy ride.

Please note!

This set is per two motor mounts, for configuration with a z-drive or heckdrive. So if you have a regular gearbox you need 2x 1set

While assembling the engine mount, do not forget to place the thick washer between the cover and the thinner locknut.
Without this ring, there is a risk of loosening the adjustment pin or damaging the engine mount.

For questions about this product, its parts or its type or application, please feel free to contact us.


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