Heat exchanger 300 x Ø130mm 170pk (DN50 flange connection)


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Warranty: 2 Years

This heat exchanger 300- Ø130mm is made to withstand saltwater and extreme conditions.
This heat exchanger can also be used as an oil cooler.

Technical data:
Model: 300/130
Length: 300 mm
Diameter: 130 mm
Seawater connection entrance: DN50 flange connection, opening 46.00mm
Seawater connection exit: DN50 flange connection, opening 46.00mm
Internal oil or water connection: DN50 flange connection opening 46.00mm
Cooling surface: 0,99 m2
Maximum workload: 5 bar
Minimal fluid flow: 80 l/min
Net weight: 13.3 kg

All SCAM heat exchangers are DNV and CRS certified

Product ID: 66394


The specified cooling capacity in HP should be based on the amount of cooling medium (in practice usually outboard water) of approx. 60 – 65 liters/min. per 100hp and a maximum temperature of 27ºC.

The tube sleeve is made of a cast aluminium alloy.
The lids or end caps are made of plastic or bronze, this differs per type and/or size. They are waterproof by means of a rubber o-ring.
The pipe bundles or heat exchangers in the pipe sleeve are made of a copper-nickel alloy with a zinc anode for the necessary cathodic protection.

The liquid to be heated or cooled passes through a tube bundle.
The second fluid runs over the pipes and is the delivery medium that either delivers the heat or absorbs the required heat.
The large contact surface ensures optimal release and absorption, and thus exchange of temperature.
Perfect for cooling your boat engine and/or generator.

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