Impeller pump Caterpillar P1732C Cooling water pump

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Warranty: 2 Years

This Caterpillar P1732C impeller/cooling water pump is ideal for replacing the original Johnson, Jabsco, Ancor or JMP impeller pump.

Product information and specifications:

Connection type: Flange
Diameter connection Inlet: 44.45 mm (1-3/4″) outlet: 44.45 mm (1-3/4″)
Weight: 6.36 kg
Replacing the following OEM Caterpillar marine cooling water pumps: 4P7168, 113-1109, 152-8392, 167-4252, 170-6116, 353-7979, 3126
Crankshaft driven impeller pump
Replacing impeller: 7608-01K
Available for the following engine types:
Caterpillar Marine engines: 3116, 3126, 3126B, C7, C9

  • 4P7168 for Engine Model 3116 / Sherwood P1710A/C/X
  • 113-1109 for Engine Model 3126 / Sherwood P1726X (replaced by P1732C)
  • 152-8392 for Engine Model 3126 / Sherwood P1726X (replaced by P1732C)
  • 167-4252 for Engine Model(s) 3126B, C7 / Sherwood P1726X (replaced by P1732C)
  • 170-6116 for Engine Model(s) 3126, 3126B, C7, C9 / Sherwood P1726X (replaced by P1732C)

Replacing Sherwood pump number(s): P1710, P1710-01, P1710-02, P1710-04, P1710A, P1710C, P1710X, P1726, P1726X, P1732-01, P1732-02, P1732A, P1732C, P1732X

The replacing impeller for OEM pump number CAT 7E0321 is this: JMP 7600-01
The replacing impeller for the Sherwood 27000 is this:JMP 7608-01

For questions about this product, its parts or its type or application, please contact us.
There may be several types or numbers that are also comparable to this type of cooling pump.

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Impeller pump Cummins P1732C. The ideal replacement for your worn-out original pump.
It forms the heart of your marine engine and provides a continuous flow of cool water to maintain the temperature consistent with demanding engine performance.
Sherwood pumps are of excellent quality and have a very good reputation.

Sherwood is one of the largest suppliers of cooling pumps with flexible rubber impellers for marine engines in the US.
Due to their excellent quality, these Sherwood pumps are often installed as standard by American engine manufacturers.

They can be found on some of the most famous engine brands in both pleasure and commercial sailing.
This P1732C impeller pump for Caterpillar marine engines is a cooling water pump with a pulley driven pump shaft and is supplied complete with a 12 blade flexible neoprene impeller: 7136-01K)

This cooling water pump is an original from Sherwood, thus excellent. The parts are internally the same and interchangeable.

It is important that the cooling pump of your boat engine or generator works properly Therefore, inspect the impeller from time to time.
A good habit is to regularly check if there is enough cooling water coming out of your exhaust.
The impeller of this Sherwood engine cooling pump should be replaced every 3 – 12 months, depending on the application.


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