Mercruiser GM 7MT, 28MT V8 Diesel GM engines 6.2L 6.5L Heavy duty


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Suitable for V8 Diesel GM engines 6.2L 6.5L

Electrical specifications
Voltage: 12
kW: 2.5

Physical Specifications
H No/teeth: 10
P Rotation: Clockwise
N Gear type: Planetary
A Mounting flange: 82.50
I B+: M10
B Drive distance: 9.00
E Mounting holes: 10.50
E Mounting hole 2: 10.50
F Distance rear in mm: 280.00
G Distance front: 56.00
M Mounting bracket: No
Distance mm: 84.60
R Total length mm: 337.50.

0-23000-1570 Nikko
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0-23000-1580 Nikko
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0-23000-1588 Nikko
10465013 Remy (Delco)
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10465054 Remy (Delco)
10465130 Remy (Delco)
10465168 Remy (Delco)
110353 HC-Cargo
1109219 Remy (Delco)
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111256 HC-Cargo
1113266 Remy (Delco)
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1113270 Remy (Delco)
1113295 Remy (Delco)
1113296 Remy (Delco)
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