Impeller CAT3412 30000, 30000K, 8459


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Impeller CAT3412 30000, 30000K, 8459

Diameter (A): 114,4
Width (W): 109,6
Shaft diam. (C): 24
No. of blades: 10
Insertion type: Spline (10)

Caterpillar®: 3228595

Fits the following Sherwood models: Sherwood 30000 / 30000K

Used in the following pumps:

Cummins: 3967246, 4937162, 4937275: 3967246, 4937162, 4937275
Sherwood Pump p/n(s): G2610, G2610X, G2603, G2603X, G2601, G2601X, G2601-02

Used in a.o: QSC8.3, QSL9.0


Product ID: 70009


Impeller Cat3412 30000, 30000K, 8459; a better fit, less vibration and wear, so a longer life for your cooling water pump.

Our impellers are distinguished by “IN HOUSE MANUFACTURING”. Nothing of the process is outsourced, this also applies to the materials and their compositions, as other brands in the market have to do. This ensures the highest standards of quality control and allows you, the user, to have complete confidence in the “QUALITY & PERFORMANCE” You get what you are looking for!

Protecting marine life is also a focus for us, which is why we do not use harmful industrial chemicals in production.

Our unique formula is a compound designed specifically for applications in seawater and raw water. The result is a more durable product with a longer lifespan than neoprene and nitrile. The impellers we sell go one step further in development, through the process called “WAX BRANDING”. By mixing a special wax with the rubber, the impeller becomes self-lubricating, making impellers last 2-3 times longer.

By using “MESSING INSERTS” instead of stainless steel, machine manufacture becomes more precise and of better quality. It ensures a better fit, less vibration and wear, resulting in a longer life for your cooling water pump.


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